A&A Sicherheit und Service



A&A, the security company from Muenster in Germany, North Rhine-Westphalia, would like to introduce itself.

We take YOUR SECURITY seriously and made this be our mission.

A team from dedicated employees and cares with high discretion to enable you to live, work or celebrate without any restrictions, if required with support from our partners within our extensive and long-standing network. At the same time we follow a deescalation principle.
| keyVisual | Longtime experience in all scopes of security issues characterises our business with high level quality. Among others, this is what keeps our clients satisfied.

The City of Muenster awarded us the authorisation for security patrols as per § 34 a GewO ("Gewerbeordnung", German Trade, Commerce and Industry Regulation Act).

Please find more information about our activities on the following pages.